Your Company Can See The Future With Predictive Analytics

If hindsight is 20/20 for businesses, what is the value of laser-focused foresight? For companies like Amazon, it could mean beginning to ship customers’ packages before they even order them, giving the retailer an unparalleled advantage in shipping speed. Today, the value of predicting the future of markets and consumers is on the rise, but the trend isn’t based on anything as mystical as tea leaves or palm reading: Simply put, it’s all about the data.

Amazon Knows What You Want Before You Buy It

Anticipatory shipping may be closest that retail can come to a crystal ball. Amazon, which now has a patent for the algorithm-based system, could conceivably use the system to ship products before you even place an order.

How predictive analytics will revolutionize healthcare

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System is using Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite and Microsoft Dynamics to create a new type of healthcare. It will use predictive analytics to focuses on prevention, better care and cutting costs.